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We wensen jullie een gezegend Kerstfeest

Op welke manier je dit jaar Kerstmis viert: God ziet jou. Sterker nog, Hij houdt zoveel van je dat Hij Zijn Zoon voor je heeft gegeven. Dat is wat we vieren met Kerstmis. We wensen je van harte gezegende kerstdagen!

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    1. Dear Bayless and Jeanet,
      Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing the message of Gods love, through Jesus and teaching discipleship in the shifting sands of time. Thank you for visiting Netherlands and sharing your testimony again and again. I hope and pray you will be investing in Love-powered faith in good health and an abundance of joy for a long, long time. Greetings to Harrison and his wife. May he be filled with all blessing to be a fruitful, wise, loving, kind and strong successor!

    2. Thank you so much Bayless and Janet. What a beautiful message ❣️ It touches my ❤️. I’ll pray with you that all the Lonely people all over the world will be filled with the joy of what Christmas is about.
      And for who this is reading: please pray for me, I really need it! My life is so difficult because of many diseases while the only thing is that I want to serve The Lord. Tiredness is the main symptom. Thanks very much, I appreciate it.
      Bayless and Janet merry Christmas and a blessed time together with everyone.
      Bayless I love your messages. I watch often and it always helps me so much. They are really hopeful and encouraging.

      Christmas greetings from The Netherlands

    3. Hello Bayless & Janet I wish you a good and loving Christmas too! I believe that everything in the world going on right now (incl. wars, earthquakes, floods and growing misery that Lord Jesus will return soon to earth on Olive mountain as King. And everyone will see him!

    4. Hi Bayless, first I would like to thank you for the daily reflections. I read them with great pleasure. I wish you and your wife Janet very happy and blessed holidays

    5. Hi Bayless and Janet! Thanks for your beautiful meassages every day, wish you a merry Christmas from the mountains of the Czech Republik
      Love, Leon

    6. Thank you. The God Who sees me. It is a sentence I am speaking out for weeks now. I wish you very happy christmas days with the Lord. May His blessings be poured out over your life and ministries and the daily words you share with me and everyone. To God be all the glorie! Blessings. Amen!!

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